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"i’m going to become CARP - cool and radically popular."
"it’s a good thing you don’t want to be cool, rich, and popular."

… DID THE WEEKENDERS JUST MAKE A JOKE USING THE WORD CRAP? this was in the early 2000s, too. way to go, disney, for throwing a curveball that went over everyone’s heads.

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Petition for Disney to make a spin off of The Weekenders where the kids are in high school and they have to deal with the pressures of the future and Tish is the only one with her shit together.

Just as long as they still do stuff on the weekend and don’t dumb down the dialogue just because it’s being made in this decade.

While I think the OP’s suggestion is great, I cannot help but agree with you that if the show came back they’d be forced to update it. There are well-written, quality cartoons around nowadays, but The Weekenders would most likely lose a lot of its charm if brought back today (with new episodes, not re-runs). It was and still is ahead of its time in many ways, but its genre (slice-of-life) was only ‘right’ for the time it was produced. In 2014, an animated TV series that’d deal with such themes would be perceived as too slow-paced if compared to the more frenetic current shows. Disney executives would probably ask the crew to exaggerate gags/jokes in order to make it more ‘exciting’ if less realistic, but it’d stop to be what it originally was. To keep its solid writing they’d have to reunite the creator and the original team of writers, but again, they’d still be under Disney executives direction. Plus, very few shows today are animated with the same technique they used for The Weekenders, and I am afraid it’d look rather weird (and not a good kind of weird) not to mention extremely creepy if it became a 3D computer animated show. That said, a possible return of The Weekenders is just as unlikely as a dog playing piano. The plot idea above, though, is fantastic. I guess that is what fanfiction is for!

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"I love Doug Langdale’s Weekenders show. At the time it started I said, "Why are they doing this show, they’ve got shows just like it." But I’ve come to love those characters and the sensibility of them."

- Tad Stones (Darkwing Duck's creator)

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The Weekenders staff writer Evan Gore talks about the weirdest note he received back when he worked on the show

The censors here in the U.S. are fucking weird.

Yes, they are. Network executives (concerning ABC/Disney at the time) weren’t too far from it either. The entire show’s pitching was based on a bizzarre misunderstanding. As for censorship, you have to love how they were sleeping/taking a coffee break/distracted as the famous CARP/CRAP scene played (though well-hidden). Not that we could ever mind, it’s undeniably hilarious when writers (try to) get things past the radar.

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